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A performer, teacher and mentor in the music circuit for over 30 years, John Anthony played over 2,500 movies performed all around the world over the decades, the guitarist was part of many ensembles and projects that led him to perform around the globe including with the likes of violinist L. Shankar, Sivamani and A.R. Rahman. He has been an inspiration to many currently famous guitarists to pick up the axe and perform.  His unique style of guitar playing influenced many and still it does. 
Connected to movies and the independent music world John Anthony could make a strong impact on both sides with his works Lazie J was one of the last projects he associated.
This guitar award is instituted to celebrate the genius of John Anthony and also to encourage young guitarists to demonstrate their talent to a vast audience globally. 
The International Independent Music Festival is a 5 days Indie Music Fest with artist participation from across the globe and the winner of the contest will be awarded by an international artist (guitarist) performing at the fest
So go one put your best out there let us see whether you can carry the John Anthony Legacy forward. 
Submit your entry youtube links 
are you a student/ professional

Thanks for submitting. We will get back to you soon

 Guidelines for participating: 
  • Record a 2-minute video clip showing your guitar skills 
  • Please do not upload any video to this website/form share only links
  • Your recording should be continuous and not edited
  • you can have instrumental backup for the clip but the guitar track should be audible to the last note. 
  • Your video should be clearly showing what you play.
  • You can submit 3 pieces maximum but you have to suggest 1 clip that needs to be put for voting.
  • When you are given a link to get your friends to vote do share the link with your friends to vote for you. Only one vote per person is allowed and we are very strict with double votes. 
  • We will publish leader board every week once from October 7th  to show the top 10 of the list so that you can know what is your standing in the contest and work towards getting more people to support you.  
  • Once the voting closes on October 31st our experts will decide the best among the top 3 in the list of contestants as per votes.
  • The decisions by our experts are final and once decided we will announce the winner
  • No disputes will be entertained on the desicion of our experts who are renowned artists themselves internationally.
  • We will intimate you if you are the winner and you will be given Up and Down ticket to the International Independent Music Festival Trivandrum and will be awarded the Fender Stratocaster by a top musician/ guitarist  (of international standing) who will be participating in the festival. 
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