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How it started and what we do 

 Lazie Indie Magazine was born during the early days of the Covid-19 lockdowns when  Jay Pillai the founder of Lazie Indie Magazine who has been an independent musician from India for more than 30 years created the first edition of the Magazine as a souvenir to fellow musicians who participated in his Youtube spotlight series on indie musicians. These were artists he had known for a long time. This spotlight series was created along with his school friend Manoj who also was the drummer in his band Lazie J and its previous avatar The Autumnleaf. Actively involved and passionate about promoting independent music, Jay figured out a magazine format and put the first words into Lazie Indie Magazine in May 2020. The first Mag was released on May 27th, 2020 and the practice has been consistent every 27th of the month from then on.

Lazie Indie Magazine was immediately appreciated by Indie musicians globally and the community of readers grew all over the world today this effort to help fellow indie musicians is read across 100+ countries and the artists interviewed also are spread across 50+ Countries across continents.

Lazie Indie Magazine has a very clear vision which is to identify quality Indie musicians and promote them regardless of where he/ she come from and with no biases based on race, ethnicity, geography, religion, or stature. Each and every artist interviewed in the Magazine is given adequate space in the specific edition.

Our Columnists are established musicians themselves who actively support fellow artists. Each of these contributors has had a great career in music or the music industry and looks to promote their fellow artists without looking for returns. The power of these kind efforts resonate with every edition and Lazie Indie Magazine has grown in stature leaps and bounds getting nominated for prestigious awards and increasing circulation.

Lazie Indie Magazine has also grown into a community of thousands of musicians worldwide and they call themselves part of the Lazie Indie Family. This has inspired the core team to partner with the Tourism Department of Kerala subsidiary (KACV) India to set up the annual International Indie Music Festival – IIMF and this initiative is in its second edition and has created ripples in the music industry with a stellar lineup entertaining a great crowd in the first edition which happened in Nov 2022.  

Lazie Indie Magazine takes immense pride in the fact that we have spoken to artists from Siberia to Argentina, from Armenia to Uganda from India to USA, and more… covering multiple genres and bringing together industry experts all in one fold.

Our contributors are spread across 10 different parts of the world constantly scanning for artists and interviewing them or presenting them in the magazine issues. 


A lot of people ask me if this is a passion project for me, I would say when ones passion project becomes a passion project for many we call it a movement. Join the Lazie Indie Movement”- Jay Pillai – Founder & Editor Lazie Indie Magazine.


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