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Lazie Indie Magazine

Lazie Indie Magazine is a print formatted online magazine promoting independent musicians worldwide.

The magazine has been appreciated by very respected voices in the worldwide and has featured some of the greatest in popular music and many rising talent among new comers in the music scene. LIM has captured the imagination of musicians and music enthusiasts world over because of our presentation and our pick of Independent artists to feature. Created and authored by Independent musicians Lazie Indie Magazine brings Artists, Radios, Venues and Labels on one platform interviewing and presenting them to the world of Indie artists and fans. In a very short time the Magazine has featured artists both established and upcoming from over 30 countries on an almost even spread. The magazine is currently read across 87 countries by music enthusiasts and independent musicians. Day by day the magazine is growing stronger with wider coverage and also contributors who are popular artists themselves. This is an attempt to keep the content focused on what the artists want to tell their readers and is no way tilted for or against any artist on any factor what- soever, be it Genre, Nationality, Race  or any such prejudices. We bring the facts directly from the artist to you. 


"The mag is an outcome of our friendship with other indie artists worldwide. Being an Independent artist for

 30 + years one can clearly understand that for an Indie artist the only thing that will work is to get networked and present one's own music to the world through friendly mediums like Lazie Indie Magazine and also Radios/Labels who care about the indie artists. Our strength is our honesty in our presentation and the passion of our contributors to help independent musicians"  - Jay Pillai - Founder Editor   

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